Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tree Stump Cake, Leaf Cake & Leaf Cupcakes

This is a tree stump cake that I made for an 80th birthday celebration for a man who had a career in forestry. The cake was a simple yellow cake with chocolate and vanilla buttercream. The acorns were edible.

I also made cupcakes that I decorated with edible leaves. The cupcakes were white cake with vanilla buttercream.

I also made a small celebration cake for the husband and wife to take home and enjoy later. It was a white cake with vanilla buttercream and edible leaves.


  1. I love your blog. I could look at it all day. Yummy!!!!

  2. The acorns are amazing. Great job!

  3. I all tasted amazing too! Thanks so much Mary Ann! I haven't forgotten about getting pics of the cake at the party to you. Need to convert them to a smaller size or upload them somewhere for you. More soon on that.

    jane baxter